SKU#: MC-02847 Also known as: Tabris, Täbris, Täbriz, Tebris, Tebriz


SIZE (in sq.ft): 13.35 x 9.84
SIZE (m2): 4.07 x 3
THICKNESS (mm): 8 approx.
KNOT DENSITY per sq.m.: 800,000 approx.
DESIGN: The knots were made by hand
AGE: 10/20 YEARS

Tabriz: The over-populated city of Tabriz, in the area of Azerbaijan, produces one of the most beautiful and delicate category of persian handmade carpets. For many centuries, Tabriz was thought to be one of the most glorious persian cities, with great culture and history. The characteristics of this category are the various pastel colors, which are chosen to decorate floral motives and other natural elements. It is said that Tabriz carpets represent the beauty of paradise, as the combination of design and colors, give out a sense of utopia and serenity. In addition, Tabriz carpets are - with no doubt - one of the most exquisite and popular category. They are preferred to decorate not only classical designed places and homes, but also modern ones as well. These carpets consist of approximately 500,000-1,000,000 knots per square meter, while the materials used, are wool and silk on wool, silk or cotton warp. Finally, persian manufacturers of Tabriz carpets have been inspired by persian poetry, in order to make these very special pieces of art.