General Information regarding handmade carpets

Why do some handmade carpets have such a high price in comparison to others (e.g. one carpet of 6.00 m2 may cost 1,000.00€ while a similar one 40,000.00 €)?

The value of a handmade carpet is defined by the following factors:

  • Manufacturing materials
  • Origin
  • Carpet’s condition
  • Manufacturer-Artist
  • Knot density
  • Age (the value of a handmade carpet increases with time and its condition. Carpets aged more than 35 years,especially if they are in good condition, have high value).

Where from, do handmade carpets take their names?

Each Persian carpet has its own history and its name comes from the town, village or the region area that has been manufactured. Rarely a town mimics-copies exactly the design of another city – there are exceptions on this – but it will never be able to exactly reproduce the original carpet.

Every Persian carpet, in order to be authentic, has to be manufactured in the town or region that complies with its name. It has to be manufactured with specific environmental conditions, for example using the water, salt, sunlight and the explicit designs-colors that characterize every region due to its culture and characteristics.

How does “knot density per m2” affect the value of a handmade?

A thin handmade carpet usually has a higher number of knots per m2. On the contrary, a carpet with a thick pile has less knots per m2 thus it takes a smaller amount of time to be manufactured, has a simpler design and is easier to make. So, in conjunction with the materials used, the design and the work needed to manufacture a handmade carpet, its value gets higher.

What difference is there in handmade carpets and why do they have imperfections?

A handmade carpet is a product of great effort and time (from 6 months to many years), woven in looms by artists with a deep knowledge and tradition. From the production of the raw materials (wool, silk, cotton), the natural coloring, to the conclusion of the creation of a handmade carpet masterpiece, there is no use of any industrial machinery or chemicals. This leads to raw materials that may have slight color differences. It is only natural, that handmade carpets have “character” and not stand as an impersonal representation of shapes and designs. Especially, when we are referring to nomadic carpets, we have to bear in mind that they are manufactured by artists that use only their imagination for the designs, so it is natural that they may have design imperfections (that makes every carpet unique and adds value and prestige to it). In contrast to looms used in textiles (vertical position), looms used by nomads have an horizontal position which increases the difficulty of knotting and the creation of a completely symmetrical carpet.

When a carpet has different shades/nuances, that means that it is of low quality or has defect?

No, this is not the case. The different shades/nuances in a handmade carpet, are caused by the so called abraş  (abrash). “Abraş” is a Turkish word and means “partially coloured”. Its origin comes from the equivalent arabic ابراس, which has its origin in Persia. During the coloring of wool, its absorption is influenced by the variations in greasyness and the amount of salt used thus, different shades of colour appear in the procedure of weaving. It is a very common phenomenon in nomad handmade carpets, as the artist/manufacturer uses woolen threads colored with natural coloring materials, which may not have the exact same shade. These colors, come from completely natural sources such as red from roses or pomegranate, yellow from onions, green from pistachio, blue from indigo, 39 shades from safran and brown from coconut shells. So, “abraş”, is an indication that the carpet is handmade and this adds up on its character and charm, reminding us the environment and the manufacturing conditions.

What can I do in order to prevent my carpet from sliding when used?

We propose the use of under padding, which is a lattice shaped soft material that can be cut to the same dimensions of the carpet that it is going to support. We encourage the use of under padding, especially in thin carpets (kilim and silk carpets), in order to prevent sliding and to be safer to use.

 How can I be certain that the carpet color on screen is the same as its real color?

All of our gallery photos, have been taken by professional photographers and with the use of a high definition digital camera (DSLR), in especially configured environment. They have been processed with appropriate image processing software, in order for the design and colors to appear as they are in reality. The appearance of the carpets though is highly affected by the technology used (e.g. LED. TFT or cathode ray tube) of the monitor and the quality of the graphics card used by the observant and as a result there might be a slight difference on how the carpets are displayed on screen.

Is there child labor involved in the manufacturing of your carpets?

Our carpets, are selected one by one by Mr. A. Mogadam himself, who is of Persian origin and has a deep knowledge of the subject. He visits Iran and the manufacturing locations, checking the working spaces, the manufacturing procedure and the working conditions. Our carpets are produced by artists with many years of experience, a deep traditional knowledge of the art of weaving carpets and children are not involved in any stage of their production.

Carpets of special offer

Carpets of special offers, have small manufacturing imperfections which may be a slight decoloring, a small pile wear, undesired abrashes (“abraş”) or declinations of shape and that is why we offer them in extremely low prices, providing our clients with the ability to purchase a handmade work of art in bargain prices. In many cases, these imperfections are not obvious and close examination of the carpet is needed.

The above does not mean that these carpets cease to bare the value of a handmade. There are cases were (nomadic carpets) imperfections or design-“mistakes” are intentional.

If you wish, most of these imperfections can be repaired in accordance with the client.

What is an antique carpet?

An antique carpet, is rare and expensive due to its age when it is more than 35 years old.

Is it natural for my new handmade carpet to fluff?

It is very usual for a new handmade carpet to fluff (it also depends on the manufacturing materials). Carpets that fluff, are usually made of wool (e.g. Gabbeh carpets) and generally those that have a thick pile. It is a natural procedure, due to the trapped wool inside the pile that is gradually “freed” and elevates to the surface of the carpets. There is no reason to be alarmed by this;  with time passing and by cleaning it with an electrical vacuum, the phenomenon is gradually reduced.

In Persian handmade carpets, fluff disappears in a short period of time, while in carpets of other origins and especially Indian made, need much more time to stop fluffing.

Silk and thin carpets, rarely fluff.


Purchase of goods

Is there a physical store or exhibition which I could visit and see the carpets up close?

Yes, our store is located in Kifisia/Nea Erythraia, Athens 146 71 at 122 Tatoiou Avenue. Our operation hours are shown at the page CONTACT US. You can call us at +30 210 28.34.780 to arrange an appointment, in order to present to you our fine collection of handmade carpets.

Can I see the carpets that I am interested in, at my space?

You can contact us at +30 210 28.34.780 or via e-mail, in order to discuss with the manager, the details and the terms for such an appointment.

How can I buy online a carpet from your e-shop?

Initially, you have to browse to the page of the carpet that you are interested in and click on it to have a closer look at its photos, characteristics, general information and video. In this screen you may find also the initial price and the final sale price (the discount percentage is shown in parenthesis). Under the price, you may find the status of the carpet (Available, On hold, Sold). You may add the carpet to the Basket by clicking to the appropriate button, only if it appears as Available. If its status is On Hold, this means that another customer is currently in the process of purchasing, which makes the carpet unavailable for a while until the process is concluded or aborted.

You may continue adding products into the Basket and the total number of products selected, appear on the shopping cart icon at the upper right of your screen. When selection is concluded, you may click on the shopping cart icon and then press the button BUY.

You may proceed purchasing either with a guest account or you can create your own credentials (username, password) in order to monitor your order status.

At the final stage, you should select the payment method (payment by  credit/debit card, bank transfer or cash on delivery for amounts up to 500€).

The transaction is complete and you have the ability to monitor your order through the orders history or the website of the courier.

Can I borrow a carpet to decide if it looks nice at my space?

Our company policy, does not permit us lending of carpets. In case that you purchased a carpet and for some reason, you decide that it does not fit in your space, there is always the possibility of return within 14 days after the purchase (as long as the terms and conditions are met) or the ability to select another one.

Can I trade my handmade carpet with a new one?

Of course, as long as your handmade carpet does not have stains or is worn out. Our experienced staff will make an evaluation of your handmade carpet and then you will be able to select a  new one from our collection.


Payment and Security

How safe are my electronic transactions?

The transactions within our website are secure and done through an encrypted connection (SSL) for your protection. The electronic payments are covered by advanced security technology created by VISA and MasterCard companies. Manual checks and confirmations are also carried out, for your security.

Which payment methods are accepted?

Payment methods are as follows:

  • Use of major debit or credit cards (VISA, MasterCard)
  • By bank account transfer and sending the deposit note via email at
  •  In cash (only for Greece and for amounts up to 500€)

Do you offer payments via credit card and without interest?

Yes, we provide you with the ability to extend your payment up to 12 months with no interest, if you pay via credit card.


How can I monitor my order?

You can have access to your orders history, if you sign in. You insert your credentials and login. You now have two (2) options ORDERS and SIGN OUT. If you select ORDERS, you can see your orders history and their progress.

How can I cancel an order?

If you desire to cancel an order, we kindly request that you send us an email at and we will make sure that the order is cancelled, You also have the ability to cancel through Signing In and from the Account section.

How can I change my order?

If you decide to change your order, then we kindly request that you send us an e-mail at and inform us regarding which carpet (SKU# Code) you would like to purchase. Please note that we have the ability to change an order only if it has not been shipped and those transactions through payment method “Bank Transfer”, which means that the order is ongoing.

Shipping and Delivery

What is the cost of a shipment?

Shipping within Greece is free. For orders above 350 EUR, shipping is free worldwide. More details can be found in the “Conditions & Terms” section.

How much time does it take to deliver the order?

The usual delivery time varies from 1-5 working days within EU and 2-8 working days for all other locations in the world.

Do I have to be home to receive my order?

It is imperative that an adult should be at home in order to receive the delivery. You can address the courier company for further information regarding time of delivery or possible change of address.

How can I monitor the progress of my order and shipment?

When the order is concluded and goods have been packed and left the warehouse, you will receive a confirmation via e-mail from The message will have shipping information as well as order progress info. You can use this information in order to monitor the progress of your order via the website of UPS at Alternatively, you may monitor the progress of your orders, if you sign in to, using your credentials and going to Orders History.

Do you deliver to P.O. boxes?

No, we do not deliver goods to P.O. boxes, as it is necessary that delivery papers should be signed in order to receive the package.


Can I return the carpet, if it does not fit my space?

Yes, you can return the carpet, if you decide so for any reason, within 14 days and you will receive full refund.

What actions should I take to return a carpet?

In order to return a carpet, you need to contact us personally either by phone #+30 210 28.34.780# or via e-mail at, to inform us regarding your decision. After that, we will send you a return dispatch note via post which will contain packing labels and more detailed instructions on how to proceed with your return.

What should I do, if the carpet is damaged at arrival?

In case, that the carpet has been damaged during transfer and you find out at package arrival at the delivery location, please contact the local UPS courier and report the damage to them. After that, please, contact us immediately by phone #+30 210 28.34.780# or via e-mail at

How do you package the carpets and ensure that they are safe to ship?

All our carpets are packed according to instructions from UPS. Carpets are folded and placed in a thick protective plastic bag that is sealed and placed into carton box with exact dimensions.

Do I have to pay for the shipping when I return my carpet?

All returns within EU are free, using the return label from  Please, contact our customer service for more details about return of goods.

Carpet Maintenance

How can I take care of my new handmade carpet?

We propose 3 actions, which when applied, you will be able to maintain in excellent condition this delicate and unique work of art:

  • Once a week, cleaning with an electric vacuum, is necessary without putting extreme pressure to it, in order to remove the dust.
  • Shaking and hanging of your carpet for 2-3 days. By this action, any leftovers of dust that the electric vacuum did not absorb, will be removed
  • Cleaning by professionals at least every 3 years by experienced technicians, with the appropriate traditional technics.

Can I wash my carpet?

We urge you, not to wash your handmade carpets alone since they are delicate works of art to make them «suffer» by chemical detergents. For best results, we propose that you address a professional carpet cleaning company, that posesses the knowledge to clean and refresh your handmade carpet with the most appropriate way.

It is very important that a buyer of a handmade Persian carpet, should know that it is a work of art, knotted by hand and needs special care to maintain properly. Of course, with the proper use, it will not be difficult for any owner to take care  of it himself.

The most important part in taking care of a handmade carpet, is washing, an action that should be undertaken by a specialized cleaner with experience.

There are some actions that have to take place before proceeding to the washing of the carpet. First of all, the carpet should be shaken (small dimensions) or if the carpet is large, it should be turned upside down on the floor and be “beaten” gently with a beating stick, in order to force dust to be removed.

After that, we proceed with dry cleaning, which can take place where the carpet is, preferably at summertime. We use a bowl and create foam with a liquid detergent. Using a soft brush, we take a small amount of foam and we apply on the carpet following the direction of the pile.

When we finish, we then use a wet soft cloth to gather the foam from the surface of the carpet, always following the direction of the pile. Finally, we place the carpet under the sun. During summertime, the time needed for a carpet to dry is one day. In case, that the back of the carpet is also dirty, we use the same dry cleaning method.

After 3 years (maybe more depending on the usage), it is necessary to send the carpet for a professional cleaning by experts.

What should I do to remove stains?

In case of accidental stains by dropping on the carpet, wine, coffee, oil, refreshments or anything else, it is absolutely necessary to clean them immediately, so to prevent the liquid from penetrating in depth into the pile. In case of e.g. red wine, we should prepare a bowl of water and liquid detergent and use a soft cloth to rub persistently the area of the stain until it disappears. Then, we place the carpet under the sun or we use a hair dryer.

What should I do if by accident my handmade carpet is burnt or torn?

In case that a carpet has damages such as tearings, cigarette burns, decolorisation or clinging, do not worry. Our expert technicians of Persian origin, can safely repair it. In case of an extremely expensive piece and in case of significant damage, the carpet should be sent  to Iran/Persia, in order to be repaired by an expert there.

In such a case, a photograph of the damaged area should be sent to, in order to send a request for service abroad and have an estimate of the repair cost and time needed. In all other cases, for example new fringes, tearing, stain etc, the repairs are made by our team of experts